Thursday, 1 October 2015

Features of the Two Leading Types of Term Life Insurance

A fixed time-slot and this happens to be the basis of the term life insurance. You are supposed to purchase the policy and keep paying the premium for the preset period. After the time lapses, you have two sets of options to consider. First, you can give up the coverage. Second, you can renew the plan. The second time you renew the plan, you may have to comply with completely new terms and conditions. The concept is different from the policies of the permanent type. The latter serves as a source of investment. You can use the permanent form of indemnity for the purpose of property planning.

The essential features
On the other hand, term life insurance mainly has one purpose to serve. Death benefit happens to be the one of the leading purposes of this particular type of insurance. As long as you are regular with the premium payment, you will have no issues in recovering the claim. You are supposed to nominate a beneficiary, and, in your absence, the named individual/individuals will receive the amount. Second, you can also use it for the purpose of replacing your income. The premium rates are more affordable than the other variety of insurance. There is yet another point of advantage. The coverage that you get is just enough, although the maintenance cost is affordable.

The basis of the difference
There are different kinds of term life insurance. It is the modes and modalities of premium payment that sets the basis of the difference. Not every policy may be similar regarding the deal of premium payment. On the one side, you have a term insurance that is annually renewable. The coverage keeps renewing annually. In this particular scheme, the premium rate is not uniform. During the initial years, the premium rate is low, but with the passage of time, the rate keeps increasing. So, if you have chosen for a definite time-thresh of 10 years, you will have the least price to pay during the initial 5 years.

The parameters of selection
Thereafter, the cost will keep multiplying. But things are different with the schemes where the premium payment is uniform for the entire time frame. So, even if your policy is for the stipulated time-thresh of 20 years, the rate is not going to change. The level term of premium payment happens to be the defining parameter of this particular scheme. Your earning potential is going to have a decisive role to play. Accordingly, you can make your choice. Much depends on the expected rate of increase.

The perfect choice
If you think that your earning limit will increase substantially over the years, you can opt for the former scheme where the rate keeps varying with the passage of time. The term insurance that has uniform or level premium rate is an ideal option for the medium and the low wage earners. You know that the income limit is not going to increase drastically with age and experience; as a result, it is better to stay with the level premium rate. It gives you the protection that you need. But at the same time, your expenditure level remains more or less uniform.


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