Monday, 16 February 2015

Get Term Insurance Online

Term insurance plan is ideal if one wants to save money. It is idea for those who want to get embraced in a secure life coverage saving the dependents during the worst times.
Let’s know about the various beneficial aspects of this very useful policy in this article.

Getting term insurance online helps you get a reliable policy easily and quickly-
Term insurance policies offer full insurance coverage for essential requirements like child’s marriage and education fees.
They have a fixed tenure. The insured needs to pay fixed rate of premiums.

Reach your goal faster by getting term insurance online-
The prime goal of a term indemnity policy is to grant life coverage. It aims to reduce greatly the major financial responsibilities of the policyholder.

Prime features-
·         Term indemnity plan is easily affordable.
·         The process to buy one is hassle-free especially when buying it online.
·         It gives instant protection. Most insures offer flexible payment options.
·         It demands a lowest premium rate which is the primary reason for its popularity.
·         You can easily buy suitable term indemnity policy online. In this way you’re freed from the troubles seen in its offline counterparts.

Term insurance plans in India | Benefits
• Term life plans are easy to understand. The terms and conditions of these policies are simple and comprehensive even for the beginners.
• These plans are affordable and come with flexible payment options including regular and single sum premiums.
• These plans offer basic life coverage therefore they are affordable. Some insurers offer additional riders like accidental death and critical illness insurance at additional premiums.
• Some insurers provide attractive introductory riders like premium waivers, critical illness covers. Also you can get female critical illness covers and free accidental covers during events like terrorist attacks.
• Select a policy with a time frame of 10-40 years of policy period. One can get coverage for maximum 75 years of his/her age.
• Term insurance plan is tax-friendly. You receive tax benefits as per Section 80C of Indian Income Tax Act.

Online term insurance | Right approach
Online term indemnity is easily discernible even for the novices.
Prior to buying term indemnity, calculate the sum assured amount you need and premium amount you can pay.
The easiest way is to visit the insurer’s website. They mostly provide free online premium calculators for assistance. You just need to choose a suitable policy. And then fill up details like age, preferred sum assured amount and tenure. After completion, you’ll get probable premium quotes.
After paying the 1st premium, you’ll get an email or confirmation call. The insurer can also send a KYC or know your customer form. It shows the authenticity of your personal information, residential address, etc.
Depending on your age, you may need to undergo a medical test. Keep in mind that results of your medical test affect the premium rates of your term plan. If some unknown medical complications evolve in the medical test then you can either pay the additional premiums or revoke the policy. Always provide correct personal information and medical history while buying any online insurance policy.

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